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At last, a video game for my dear friend @NoctemOUT. I Am Bread is a game from the creators of Surgeon Simulator, and as you could probably guess from the title you play as a slice of bread on an epic quest to become toast. But simply navigating your way one crusted corner at a time from loaf to toaster would be too easy. No, you also have to rack up points in Edibility and Deliciousness by surviving a trek around the house (yes one of the shots in the video is the bread finding its way into the toilet, bleh!) and covering yourself in other foodstuffs to improve your flavor. It sounds utterly ridiculous but probably hilarious.
People are going to do all kinds of dirty filthy things with me 馃槹
This is the best thing since sliced bread! Sorry couldn't help myself.
Rogue slices that end up in the toilet can no longer be consumed. It's sad, but necessary. We call them The Inedibles. Theirs is a sad existence. @spudsy2061 @uberwren
Mommy, why is there bread in the washer? XD I haven't gotten over this yet.
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