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If I show this book trailer, I am guaranteed to have at least 10 students begging to check out the book. Carl Hiaasen is one of the best at writing humorous realistic fiction. Most of his books still pack in an environmental message, too, as Hiaasen is an ardent proponent of keeping the Florida Everglades wild. Readers of Chomp will also want to read his other books for middle/high school readers, including Scat, Flush, Hoot and the latest, Skink-No Surrender. Recommended for 6th grade and up.
This sounds wonderful! I'll definitely recommend it to my friend who teaches middle school, she's always looking for books for her kids!
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@pixiedust, most students who read one of his books read all of them!
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@LibraryLady encouraging reading and a love of reading are so valuable!
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