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I'll let you in on a secret. I might be just a little obsessed with meeting people that are easily half my age but about ten times more creative. It's easily one of the biggest reasons I love helping out with a lot of youth art program. Kids' minds are amazing! Case in point is today's featured animated short director, Morgan Spence, a 15 year-old from England who has breathed a new life into our much beloved Lego bricks by recreating scenes from famous cult movies from Titanic to Pulp Fiction through E.T, James Bond, Wayne’s World or Dracula with an expertly executed stop-motion. Check this video out, and see if you can identify all of these classic Hollywood films!
Clever and impressive! The Wayne's World clip brought me back. The camera shots, backdrops and little details are just amazing. I would be sending this video to the Tim Burton movie makers because I see a great career in the making.
This is kind of the greatest thing ever XD
Very well made. Impressive!
This is fantastic! I love what you said about meeting young, creative people. I used to work at a day care and the stories I would hear daily are amazing :)
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