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Jean-François Perroy, known most commonly under the street art pseudonym Jef Aérosol, has been filling his native country of France with incredible stencil graffiti for over three decades. His first works came about in 1982, and since then, he has been able to take his art around the globe, including Western Europe, the United States, China, Japan, even Argentina. It seems all that time and hard work has given him plenty of time to virtually master the art of a stenciled portrait. Here are some of my favorite works of his, where he shines the spotlight on some of the greats of art and music from the 20th and 21st century, including Elvis Costello, Serge Gainsbourg, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
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When I see posts like this, I really want to go out and find their older work to see how they've grown, you know? I don't even know where to search for stuf like that, but clearly they're really skillful, so I want to see where they started! @danidee