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This photo was taken from the sky, when I took the hot air balloon in Luxor, Egypt. I like the lines on the playground of this small school :) I should have visited the school - what did I do for 2 years living there?
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@epkim That's so awesome!! I've never been in a balloon like I said, but in my town, when you fly into the airport, I can see my school and house really well from th ewindow, so I imagine it would be like that, but a much longer experience!
@onesmile I lived in Luxor for 2 years teaching Korean language in an institute for tourism. As you said, it was a special experience seeing the region that I know well from the sky. Everything looked so small and I felt like I entered a 'wonderland' :) I took the balloon two times, and each time i saw different scenes because the direction of the balloon depends on the wind.
@flymetothemoon It's such an encouraging message :) I'll dig into my photos!
I would love to see more pictures from your time there! The hot air balloon experience sounds magical!
@epikim Where you teaching or traveling in Egypt? I've never even been in a hot air balloon, and you've taken an awesome shot like this! It must be so intersting to see areas you know well from the ground, from the sky!