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I love that this bridge seems to end in nothingness, great title!
3 years ago·Reply
You really captured the skies colors so well; I have a lot of trouble doing this when still getting the foreground to show up well
3 years ago·Reply
The clouds in the distance are lovely, and I agree with @caricakes you chose a nice title :)
3 years ago·Reply
Thank you @kristenadams, @caricakes, @onesmile. @onesmile I use aperture priority mode alot on shots like these. A lot of times, like this one, I show up while the light is almost gone, aperture mode lets me get set up pretty quick.
3 years ago·Reply
@photogandy Ahh, I see! I've been looking at the DSLR tutorials that @stargaze posted to get a better idea of how to use my camera modes; I"ll have to try this one. Thanks!
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