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Thank you, had to wake up early for this one. @onesmile I played with the exposure and contrast, and push the vibrance of the colors to get the color right, as for the reflections I think this one was set at 25 seconds, at that speed any moving water turns smooth and almost resembles glass. It's funny when I took this the sky was all a dark blue to my eyes, once the picture was taken that orange band showed up, don't know.
@photogandy That extra exposure must have brought out the colors that we can't even see--very cool. I'm not too familiar with how longer exposures can help clear up a shot, but I definitely see that glassy effect working on the water.
Beautiful details and the colors are down right magical!
I love all the different types of architecture you managed to catch in this - church steeples, high rises, cranes, houses!
I really love the way the water looks too! This is a great shot :)
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