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i hope to get better just need some inspiration
Even in the first one you can see the sun rays, thats beautiful!
@Pureheart517 by the way beautifully done with a phone not many people get them as good with a phone. and in regards to inspiration, photography as in art, is to show who you are inside.... take photos of the things that make livable for you... or you can tell a story through a series of shots as many artists do
number 2 and 4 were your best! 3 the contrast could be a little better... but good for an dark disparity feel. 8 and 9's view point were a little off but otherwise amazing shots and if 1 didn't have the lense flare it would be pretty good. (7 years of photography speaking) but remember a good photographer always starts off as just a normal person pointing a camera
@Pureheart517 This is a great start! Keep taking pictures! Is this taking with a phone or a point-and-shoot?
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