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Hi guys and girls. I'm looking for some help/tips. I've just started Longboarding after some 20+ years absents from skateboarding. I'm really looking for advice on what to do, I'm not looking to start doing any tricks. Just want to be able to cruise and may be a bit of down hill !! Hope you can help an ageing skateboarder out 馃槂
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^ @tristendamon That's what I started on and it worked out well
Whats your budget @GaryCampbell ? Check out for good quality, cheap boards. I recommend the Kray or the LTD for light freeride
Thanks Guys for all the info 馃槂 I've already got a board its a old Surf one cruiser board which I picked up second hand. Which I have stripped cleaned and oiled, and it seems to work ok got me. So it was tips and ideas mainly. Safe boarding Guys!!
so how's the longboarding going?
@drlizardo it's getting better mate went down my first full hill yesterday with a mate in his car following and I managed to hit 25mph, what a buzz :-) but had lots of wobble so will be getting some stiffer bushings at the weekend!! This sliding lark is harder than it looks but will keep at it lol