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Baton Rouge UrbEx 2

Well I finally got my UZIT shot but really could not get the shot I wanted due to the fact that it's about a 50ft drop to the river with no guard rails 5 or 6 feet from the wall. Guess I need to get myself a wider lens. Walking around here I realized that they turned this into a sort of unofficial, illegal, art park. Just about every part of this building and dock is either painted or chalked, even the dock ties. After of walking around this place for far longer than I planned, I decided to call it and take the rusted, hole filled walkway back to the road, thats when I saw the what Ithink is my favorite piece. It's the two finger peace sign painted on a rusted piece of metal. Along with the color you have the vines growing at the bottom and just a little sunlight going around the whole thing, nature framed this one well. I went in for one thing and came out with an experience and a few nice shots.
some of it is good... for instance the uzit and the peace hand but the seems like just scribble that could be much better
The water looks so nice in that third picture!
The colors are very vibrant and the images are crisp! Feels like i'm there!
I love how overgrown everything is there. You captured it really well!
@photogandy I think the peace sign piece is my favorite, as well! It'd be really cool to meet the people doing this art, and seeing what they think about having this area to kind of take over and create in for themselves, I think! Hope you can get back there someday :)
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