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Mando Shun ♥
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@soula81: Shun gain weight here. He's thinner in RMPW compared in this photos :))
5 years ago·Reply
thanks for the photos,its lighted up my day >,<// ,btw I love to see him gain some weight,looks more macho.
5 years ago·Reply
@greeny3t: No problemo :) //you can check SO and IS collections (not in rmpw) for more scans of the two. I'll try to update shun's photos tmrw. In the meantime, visit Satomi's collection ^^;
5 years ago·Reply
always love your pics of SO and IS! please keep posting, they are such eye candies!
5 years ago·Reply
a little bit of weight suits him ;)
5 years ago·Reply