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There are a few words that we associate as 'healthy' but are in fact not the best option for us. Think 'sugar-free,' 'fat-free,' etc. So is 'raw' really healthy for us? or are we just falling into the trap of believing the hype? The good news is, there is good reason for the hype :) Here are some benefits of chowing down on raw desserts: 1. You are easily avoiding some very common allergenic foods, including the 2 major ones: dairy and gluten. 2. The foods you are working with tend to be whole foods. You get greater nutrition from them because the nutrients haven’t been processed out AND because your body easily recognizes whole foods and knows what to do to digest them fully and absorb their nutrients completely. 3. One last benefit of raw desserts is that they are more nutritious than more traditional desserts. Don’t get me wrong, raw desserts are still desserts and should be treated as such, but if you are going to indulge in dessert anyway, why not indulge in one that is going to give you something back in return?
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I'm hit or miss with raw desserts. Some are delicious and some I can live without. I do think that they are healthy alternatives to many desserts though!
Regardless of any actual health argument...raw vegan cookie dough is good for the soul!
Personally, I always feel better with less dairy in my diet so I much prefer raw or at least vegan desserts.
I just love baking, but I respect all these raw treats. Truly creative!
Wonderful news for me, I have such a massive sweet tooth and I'm always trying to find ways to cut back. I've done pretty well having fruit instead of sugary things, but a little raw treat here and there will be perfect!