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Sure there are expensive creams and surgeries too keep your body looking twenty years younger than it is, but what about keeping that youthful spirit that really counts? We all go through plenty of hardships in life, so keeping that innocent, optimistic spirit that we had when we were younger is difficult, but so necessary for our happiness. Here are a few ways to keep that sparkle in your eyes: 1. Stress Less You need to begin to let things go. Emotional baggage is heavier than you think, and you can't have these things weighing you down. Learn to live and let live, and take some serious me-time. Easier said than done, but with a little practice you'll see a big difference. 2. Never Bring Anyone Down Everyone you meet has had a bad day. Regardless of the struggles in your life, make it a point to be supportive and positive towards the people around you. Bringing people down just because you're in a bad mood doesn't do any good. 3. Love Everyone Unconditionally As hard as it may be, try not to judge anyone. If you think about it, the way it feels when you start putting people into specific categories is never a great feeling. Placing judgement brings up some very negative emotions, and negative emotions aren't good for anyone. 4. Don't Take Anything Too Seriously, Including Yourself It's important to be able to laugh at yourself -- especially at your failures. If you can't make fun of yourself by laughing at your most miserable and humiliating moments then you are going to be a grumpy person. 5. Try Everything Make a do-to list and DO IT! Life is too short to realize you love sushi at the age of 50. Every day is an opportunity to do, taste, see, and learn something new. Take advantage! 6. Live in the Moment Many people never truly live. These are the folks who are too busy saving all their money for retirement. This is a good idea to an extent, but how many people do you know who never spent a penny on themselves because they were saving it for later, and then they died? Or how about the people who put off doing things until "later?" I will travel when I retire. I will take up acting lessons after I pay off my car. Don't die without living out your dreams.
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Amazing! :)
yap Do it...... Owsome
it is really formidable.. but really hard :(
As is hard as sounds but I really want to start do it
I'm forever young! I'm painting you a portrait..