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There are reasons for why I like to hike alone, and many of them are summed up perfectly in this witty piece by Steve Friedman. Friedman reflects on his time spent hiking with his closest friend, any why he came close to throwing him off of a cliff more than once on their excursion. Some people can be fantastic life partners, but horrible hiking buddies. I encourage you to read the full story (set aside some time for this, it is a bit lengthy) and hope you don't share the same experiences as poor Steve and his friend. I was drawn in by the first line, and was not disappointed by the rest: "The last time our author took his buddy camping, they stopped speaking for a year. A decade later, they still haven't hit the trail together. Which means there's only one thing to do: Try again." Read the full piece here: http://www.backpacker.com/destinations-stories/i-m-hiking-with-stupid-a-buddy-story/#bp=0/img1
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There are some activities that I simply have to do by myself and ones that include physical activity and my own safety are major ones!