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The last time I owned a Halloween costume was during elementary school (2nd grade to be exact). I was superwoman, but everyone thought I was superman due to my boy-cut hair (my mom was trying to trim my hair and made a mess). After that year I never purchased a costume again. I went the DIY route and wore princess dress, my mom's lab coat, and other miscellaneous stuff. I think the DIY route is more practical. You won't wear the same costume twice, so buying a costume will only either go to the recycling bin or to the closet. So, here are 3 dresses that can be used for Halloween or different events. I specifically chose them because of their style and design. 1. Rad to the Bone Dress - This reminds me of the 60s cocktail party dress (yeah, when it's classy). The scatter skeleton details brings an edgy vibe to a classic cut. Totally rad! 2. Howls and Owls Dress - This A-line dress features a peter pan collar and owls details. I love the rich purple color and the short sleeve frock. 3. The Body Electic Dress - I love the details lace trim on this fit-and-flare dress. The skull and bones print gives this dress an antique feel. These dresses are available at Modcloth ( You still have time to purchase them before they're gone!
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These are so cute! I always think of costumes for Halloween. I don't know why I don't think about cute dresses too!
@caricakes I thought about moving to California to work for Modcloth because of their clothes. They're so adorable, but not for the wallet.
These are so cute! Modcloth had such a great selection of unique dresses, I should really shop on their site more.
I don't know why but these dresses feel sooo retro to me! I love the style; great tips!
The first one is adoooorable.