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Really it's very silence words I feel that great. world is like no value for a person being alive but once dies all the world remember him this is false love in the world.
@Pureheart517 I've been through a lot in my life and am sure to go through worse. my problem frequently lay on my shoulders and I feel the burden of the world rest upon me. But I don't let that destroy me. in fact I let it make me stronger. life gets tough trust me, I know, but it's what we do when it gets tough that makes us who we are.
@onesmile i did :)
@Pureheart517 Cool!! If you're gonna post a lot you should make a collection for it so I can follow your poetry!!
@TeamWaffles i appreciate your kindness so much it means alot. sometimes we have demons to fight. you aren't alone out there, if you need anything you can message me :)
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