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These couples were asked to draw each other from memory with hilarious results. I can't say that I would do much better though in five minutes. It does make you wonder how well you really know your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. I think you get so used to seeing that special person that you begin to forget details, or notice details that perhaps the other person isn't fond of.
Lol so funny and I really don't think I'd be able to do that at all, even if I could draw at all
@onesmile I think different people notice and remember different things, I'm awful at remembering names for example! @caricakes haha it just takes a little practice, and I'm sure you're better than you think! @EightyNine here's hoping they were able to work it out after!
No fair, I have a fantastic memory but little-to-no drawing ability
relationship goals
Hahaha I want to do this with my friends.
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