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In the midst of shooting <individual classes between generations>with teacher-nim Park Sulneo. She told me that she had never laughed so much and continued calling me "son ~ son ~" I felt as if I had a new godmother♡ next time should get the airport as an academic with classical fashion of 'Park Sulneo in hanbok'..." Hmm... I can not calm myself, since I look good in any outfit and any hairstyle, right?... Hahaha #ParkSulneo #Hanbok # Airport fashion # horror fashion # individual classes between generations ___________________________________ The dynamic image of YongYongie Yongjoon hyung grinding garlic. Seeing the hat in reality it's a totally cool one but in the photo it looks like the hat of the leader of the two thiefs in 'Home Alone'.. cr.@HeeZZinPang