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Dendera temple
A must visit place in Egypt :-) Not many people go to Dendera, whcih is a small town near Luxor, cause it is not well-known place. But as a person who prefer Sainte chapelle to Notre dame de Paris, I love this small but lovely temple more than the greatest one in Luxor, Karnak temple. The architecture and sculptures are marvelous. (I couldn't choose just one picture, so made it an exception to this collection.)
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I'm glad you made an exception here :) These pictures are stunning! I also prefer to travel to places that aren't as busy as the "typical" tourist location, so this was a really great find! Is Luxor hard to get to? @epkim
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@onesmile Luxor is a famous city and not very hard to get to :) most of the people who visit Egypt go to Luxor to see temples and tombs. But Dendera is smaller and less people go there. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love the place- because it's something that only a few people appreciate :)
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@epkim Ah, I see! I think I would have to make a side trip there if I were to visit Egypt someday; I really want to see this kind of beautiful, but not overwhelming crowded, palce.
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