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I've watched the trailer like ten times already lol I think the footage they included doesn't really give anything away, it gives hints but there's a lot that's unsaid and no context for things so ti doesn't really spoil anything to me. what do you think @DanWest, spoilers or questions?
@agentcody I dont and I dont see the secret war series tying in either. at this rate it would take 20 movies to get it done. it would also rock if they used thanos to pull the silver surfer into the fray. maybe give him his own movie....
@Muncleike ooooh that's an idea! I haven't read the infinity gauntlet series yet, how do you think they might tie it in?
they didn't give away much. still no explanation on what Thanos had to do with anything at the end of the first one. hoping it leads up to a movie from the infinity gauntlet series.
@DanWest oh I didn't even think of that but if they went with Planet Hulk that'd be awesome! There's been a lot of talk about Civil War and how it may play into Marvel's new run of Secret War so idk how that might show up in the movies. it's exciting tho!
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