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Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Ep 11 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep 12 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep 13 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52539 Ep 14 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/55565 Last time, JW came to see AR and asked if she has time to talk. But EO saw it and said to JW "I can't let you to do so. Get off." Who would get AR's heart?! AR says to EO "I still can't take you heart even if you behave like that. But I won't make you hard." AR says "This time it's different." AR says "It's simple. I have to go, and you will be lef here. What do you wanna do then?" EO says "I'm gonna do like this. If I wanna catch you, I will catch. If I wanna hug you, I will hug you. I won't think about future." AR thinks "If you do that, you will get hurt more. Why u don't know that?" AR says "Last night, I was sorry." JW says "You don't have to feel that. It's EO's fault. Actually I have sth to tell you. May I ask you for your heart?" AR says "Why u suddenly behave like that?" JW says "It's just that I finally realized my heart." JW says "You don't like the fact that I was fianc with a lady? But I've never given my heart to her." BW is looking for a book to solve problem mystery about the pot. BW says to DS "What did you to AR? Do you think only EO?" DS says "I'm also feeling sorry. I didn't know she go back to heaven." AR says "Maybe it was not my destiny to meet him. I loved him so much, but now I dont' anymore." AR asks "Still, you are solving the mystery? It must be hard, but I don't have time." BW says "I heard that you have to go back. I don't know what you are looking for, but don't behave like that. You don't have many days. It's not the problem that only you leave. After all, someone leave and someone is left. At least you must not regret about not doing anything. If you feel sad later, still you have good memory with him." HR is surprised. "Who came in? How it can happen?" JW says "Who can go in? It's impossible. Even father and I didn't go in. It seems like EO did." HR says "EO? No, it's impossible." JW says "I think EO is right. Last time he found amulet, and came to Choi Lord." Choi says "I know who AR is. She doesn't die, right? If I finds out who she is, would you do a thing for me?" HR orders "Go and bring back pot." HR is confused cuz human can't come in the place. SJ says "I won't blame you. Just focus on your stuff. If HR leaves like that, she will take others' body continually. And if she takes AR's body, she will live forever. Even if AR can be dangerous prey, I have to catch HR whatever I do. EO will protect AR." EO "Where did you go yesterdy? Are you going to avoid me? But I'm not gonna give up. Instead, I will wait for you." AR says "Why do you do this?" EO says "So don't runaway from me." AR says "I can't see the ghost poromised to help us. It seems like they were taken by someone." EO says "I think maybe Choi did it, or maybe JW? No one know one's real intention. But it seems like Choi doesn't have the talent cuz he didn't know who you are." EO asks about Choi's servant. Servants say he doesn't have many servants and they live in their own home, so at night only Choi and JW are in home. DS asks "Who's this people?" EO orders to servans "Recruit everyone." EO says "First, follow my order. Second protect town. Third don't be patient in front of wrong thing. And I will be behind you. From now on, DS will teach you how to use your strength. And don't look that lady. Even if you face her, think that she's ghost." Choi asks "Did you see AR? Isn't she similar with Lee Su Lim? Tell me. I don't have other intention. It's just that I continually consider her." The woman says "Yes, she's so similar with lady. I was about to call her as SL." HR says "Burn it and drink with water. And you will feel bettr. I will kill EO and JW soon." Choi Lord says "A long time ago, JW had fiance. But she's gone. The fiance is AR. See? I'm valuable, right?" HR says "If SL is AR, she must be looking for who killed her." HR says "From now on, you have nth to do. And I know what AR wants. So you don't have care of her at all." DS says "You heard magistrater's saying. You decided to become soldier, then try to do your best. To use your strength well, you gotta fight with someone. C'mon!" BW says "I fianally found book of our ansester. She was the most famous shaman in my family. According tohis book, this amulet is pot which ghost is in. This can be temporary shelter for it. I can open this pot. I gusee there's must be Choi ancester's soul. I will open it." AR "You...you are..." The ghost says "Give me your body." HR says "This can't happen. Who the hell is the magistrater?" AR thinks "Why he told me to give my body? Why he behave like that?" DS asks "What happened?" EO says "I will tell you later. Go and take BW." EO thinks alone "Choi Lord even can order to ghost? Who he is? Did my teacher knew what gonna happen in the future? That's impossible." AR says "He was the same one who was fighting with MY, right? Who is the teacher who gave you this?" EO says "I met a man, my teacher while I was hanging around. He told me he gonna teach me how to beat ghost." The man says "No, you're wrong. You have too much energy. You can't beat ghosts in the way. Try to beat me." He gave fan to EO, saying that "This is like sword to ghost. Someday you will have day to use this. Now I have to leave. I have many things to do.Don't forget every life is worth. We will have day to remember this day. This is present. If you wanna get your mom's heart, give this to her. You can get it with his hairpin. As you're living, you would have tough day. Then don't forget that every start comes from you." EO says to AR "He left wth weird saying." AR says "It seems like he has many things he knows. What are you gonna do to Choi? He seems like he can treat ghost." EO asks "Why? Tell me, why?" AR says "Ghost wants my body. Last time, another ghost told me if I don't die, I would be in danger. I have figure it out from MY." HR thinks "EO must be know that AR doesn't die but he's taking it without any doubt. Who's the guy?" HR asks to Choi "Where EO came from?" Choi says "He's second son of Kin Eum Ho Lord." EO asks "How can I meet the angel of death?" But BW feels annoyed. EO says "Let's use ghost to find him." EO asks to MY "Why ghosts want her body?" MY says "AR is body which doesn't die. If ghost get her, it can live forever. That's why ghosts want AR." EO wonders what's the fan and who was his teacher. In the meanwhile, HR orders to ghost to find out what's happening. EO says to MY "Why? U wonder who gave this to me?" MY says "It's SJ." EO says"Mo...Mother." p.s)I'm so sorry for being lateㅜㅠ This won't happen again I apologize :(
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