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Arbitrator U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones has ruled that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must testify in Ray Rice's appeal of his indefinite suspension, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Wednesday. The appeal will be held November 5th and 6th according to ESPN and media reports. The NFL however seems intent to continue to fight and find a way for Goodell to not have to testify. Both sides are saying the other is lying and the NFLPA has appealed the NFL's decision to punish Ray Rice twice. This is getting uglier by the minute for the NFL and one has to wonder if this is going to lead to Goodell's demise. The owners are going to find a scapegoat if they need one and one has to wonder why the NFL is fighting so hard to keep Goodell out of this. Is Goodell in trouble?
@EightyNine Probably not. Money talks.
I agree. Not sure if Goodell will get fired but he probably should be.
@EightyNine Very true but this whole "The NFL shouldn't punish Rice twice" is malarkey and Goodell, as much as I believe he deserves to be out, has absolutely nothing to contribute by testifying. Rice needs to get banned, for a season, and Goodell fired for the cover up. There should have never been this big brew-ha-ha over it. It should have been swift and it should have been irreversible.
@hikaymm True but arguably the only one who should have taken any blame is Ray Rice. If you step out of line, you have to pay the piper. Todd Bertuzzi of the, at the time, Vancouver Canucks was banned quite a few years after going after a player mid-game, breaking his back and I believe paralyzing him. That's the kind of punishment's that needed for those who do willing harm on another I say.
I'm pretty sure everyone just needs to take some of the blame at this point -_- it's all so ridiculous....
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