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Nashville-native T.Swift has moved to the big city, and decided to add a song to the list of anthems dedicated to it. And it's horrible. The premise is essentially that Swift, a rich white girl from the country, moves to the big shiny city. Great. So with it being something of a gentrification anthem—Jezebel writes, "the whole of this feels so tone deaf at this particular, pivotal moment in New York's history, and it is rage-inducing." With more and more wealth pouring into the city, and more and more people being moved from their homes to make room for this wealth, NYC natives are not exactly thrilled with a song inviting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed dreamers into their city. The Gothamist was able to reach out to Awkwafina—a New York native around the same age as Swift, and with her own NYC anthem—to see what she thinks of the song. "Taylor Swift's new song should be performed by TSA agents at JFK when bright-eyed transplants such as herself land in New York City. It is also the perfect background music for when that same person first witnesses a homeless man yelling/awkwardly defecating on 7th avenue and a woman getting accidentally drop kicked by a moist, shirtless acrobatic subway performer. 'Welcome To New York' is one of those songs that, with just one single radio play, will make at least 10 New Yorkers move to Marfa, Texas. " Here, here. Give it a listen yourself.
Well I'm not sure I dislike it quite as much as you @caricakes, though I've only been to NY a couple of times in my life so I'm not really one to talk. It is pretty repetitive though, and the sound isn't much of anything.
A little harsh. I can't say California Girls was much better for California.
Hahhaah this was amazing.
The video is not working?
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