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Even if you didn’t like X-Men: Days Of Future Past you had to love Quicksilver, the smart ass speedster who helps Charles, Logan, and Hank break Erik out of the Pentagon. Well good news, Evan Peters will be returning as the (spoiler?) son of Magneto in X-Men Apocalypse! It’s not actually surprising, he was a popular character in the movie and Quicksilver is a big name in the X-Men comics. What is a little weird is the rumors of a Quicksilver solo movie. Yeah… fortunately for those these are just rumors and hopefully we won’t have another Wolverine to deal with lol
Quite the eccentric character but very entertaining
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@EightyNine yeah he's pretty cool in the comics I'm not sure how a movie about him would work but he's a fun character to have with the rest of the X-Men c:
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