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Destiny has gotten a lot of flak since its release. Truth be told it isn't a perfect game, but I truly believe these reviews were overly critical. There are many aspects of Destiny that are outstanding, really and truly top notch. The mechanics, PvP, and PvE are all really REALLY great. One other great thing is the art. Here are a few images of the skyboxes (basically the 3d backdrops) that Bungie put into Destiny. Locations: 1. "Where the Traveler made its last stand..." 2. "The Traveler" 3. "Blue Marble" 4. "The Black Garden" 5. "Phobos" 6. "Red Planet" 7. "Tower North" 8. "The Devil's Lair" 9. "Mothyards Day" 10. "The Terminus"
@AgentyCory That's actually a more complicated question than you might think. Many people say Destiny's explorable area is small, if compared to a typical open world game like game such as Skyrim then yes that is entirely true. However, what Destiny loses in expansive exploration it makes up for in density. Density not only in playable area but areas of combat. One "mission" (if you can call it that) called the Vault of Glass in Destiny allows you to play with a fireteam of 6 people and that single mission takes at least 3 hours nonstop with a linear progression through various parts of the playable area. Sorry this is longwinded, just not a clear cut answer for this question :)
Games pretty cool I like it I need to get to that level 30 tho!!
@hunahuna pleeeeease be as long winded as you want :D that makes sense tho, I really want to try it out it sounds like such a cool game
I really need to play Destiny, it looks amazing! Do you have any option to explore some of the world?