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Lance Armstrong had planned to participate in George Hincapie's Gran Fondo this coming Saturday, however, that is currently under question after the US Anti Doping Agency raised questions about the banned rider's participation in the event. As you all (probably) know, Lance received a lifetime ban from cycling in 2012 because of doping. The Hincapie Gran Fondo is listed on USA Cycling's website as a Category F event, and professional cyclists will be in attendance, including: Tejay van Garderen, Larry Warbasse, Brent Bookwalter, Alex Howes, and Matthew Busche. Lance is banned from participation in any sanctioned event, however he is listed on the Hincapie Gran Fondo official website. Other US Postal/Discovery Channel riders will also be there, including: Hincapie, Kevin Livingston, Tom Danielson, Michael Barry, and Christian Vande Velde. Betsy Andreu, wife of former Lance teammate Frankie Andreu, was the first person who blew the whistle on Lance back in the day. Andreu said she was concerned that Armstrong was planning to ride the event while serving a lifetime ban. Andreu said, “I think it sends out the wrong signal, it shows that doping pays. Is it any wonder that people are very sceptical about the sport when someone with a lifetime ban still thinks the rules don’t apply?” Personally, I don't care if Lance participates in the Gran Fondo. Take away the ability for him to win any money at all from the race and I am fine with it. This just seems petty, similar to beating a person when they are down.
Just let him ride! All the others are doping as well...
Let's see here. He registered as a non competitive rider in a charity event. Something tells me that the USADA has a hardon for Lance.
let him ride....LET'S MOVE FORWARD...F Lance, but concentrate on the future, not the last!
This is ridiculous, it is a fondo for charity if he helps raise money for a good cause their should be no issues. He was punished, now let him live, if guys like Hincapie and the rest of the U.S. cycling community are ok with it then who is Betsy to judge!
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