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Le Tour de France announced their route very recently and Christ Froome almost immediately said he might not race in it. The route will feature high winds, cobbles, and l’Alpe d’Huez. It starte in the Netherlands city of Utrecht and features five mountain-top finishes, but only 14km of individual time trial. While not saying anything like Froome, expect Italy’s Nibali, Colombia’s Nairo Quintana and France’s Thibaut Pinot to relish this course.
@Spudsy2061 I totally agree that Froome shouldn't just back out because the course isn't for him. The thing about being a great cyclist is that you can adapt to many different riding styles, not just ones that are perfect for you... I love watching Nibali this year though, I've seen him regarded as an underdog previously so it was nice to see him in such form
The Nibali story was a great one to watch last year but Froome needs to find his guts a bit. I don't blame him for dropping out after the crashes he had & injuries he sustained but this is the Tour De France! This is supposed to push you beyond the limit. Love watching every second of it.
@cat6 Would be ashamed if Nibali tested but I think he's better than that. Can't seem to keep it out of the sport these days sadly but if UCI can really crack the whip we'll see what that might do.
@Spudsy2061 +1, it's a shame I hear that a few members are under fire for possible doping scandal?
@BikeSnob That whole Askana team was an underdog for a very long time. Nice to seem them reach the top after all the years.