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Alright, it's almost the end of the year and for me, the season is gonna wrap up soon. Looking back on this year, I had a much better season than ever before: I managed to get my biggest LM, take my kids fishing, and even enjoyed some time here as moderator before my buddy @dougjohnson took over! What have you accomplished in 2014? Now, I'm ready to plan for what I want to accomplish in 2015. For me, it's the following: - Get a fishing kayak in the water (heh @yakwithalan) - Catch a flathead catfish - Learn how to use my fly rod - Catch a bigger LM These goals don't seem undoable to me, but I like to look forward to the next year with a plan in mind for how I'm going to most enjoy my fishing! What are your 2015 goals? @dougjohnson @yakwithalan @happyrock @MichaelPhillips @ryan88argo @fallingwater @CodyWatson @MelanieTaylor @GarrettLinker and everybody else!!
double digits I feel it coming
My goals for 2015: -Go north and learn some new areas. -Catch some grayling. -Attempt to talk the wife into either a new fly rod set up or a 14' surf rod... The first two seem more feasible.
What kind of rod did you get?@GarrettLinker
@KawikaAfelin Awesome!! Good luck with the last one though lol
I wanna get a new kayak. That's pretty much the only big goal. That and do a lot of fishing.
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