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We've all had those awful days where absolutely nothing works out. There's nothing like getting skunked after spending all day on the water. Once, I spent 13 hours on my boat fishing. Got nothing all day: prime conditions in the lake and rivers I was in but not a damn thing all day!! Nothing but a headache and a good back workout. How about you? What's your story?
when someone brought bananas on the boat
@RickSovie haha, thanks! I'll do that.
@mcgraffy my advice is to leave the bananas at the dock! If you want a boat ride go ahead and bring some bananas!
@RickSovie Ha!!! Did that actually bring you bad luck? I think I saw a card on here about that superstition a while back....
@yakwithalan Rain doesn't really ruin my day, but I guess it might be different for you in a kayak! @happyrock ouch....can't say I've been through that one
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