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I am going to find Rick Riordan and I'm going to kill him. if any of you have read Blood of Olympus, you know what I mean. I really hope he doesn't leave us hanging like the ending of Blood of Olympus. it's just fair to us and to a certain demi - god. it just not fair. Although BoO didn't end in a prophecy, it's still a pretty terrible ending. But, that's my opinion. Comment your opinion.
@nat2525 sure! c:
@AgentCory thanks :)
@nat2525 if you edit your card, or when you add a card, on the page where you put it in a collection if you type in the name of a community in the box that says "who are interested in" and that's how you share a card in a community c:
@AgentCory I don't know how
oh ps you should def share this with the books community so more people can see it, I only found it cause I was looking for percy jackson c:
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