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bento lunch

Just a Bento lunch I made!
thank you @onesmile I was able to put this in the communities you suggest. @maymay75 thank you for liking my Bento! I do plan on making more :)
@neostar86 Your bento box is so cute and it looks healthy! You should defnitely add these to the "bento" and "food styling" community. I'm going to clip this card to my creative bento collection. Check it out here: Hope to see more of your food styling. :)
@neostar86 Lemme know if that makes sense lol.....
@neostar86 That's awesome, I want to try making it too :) if you just go edit this card and then there's a place on the second page where you clicked "English" and under it you can pick different communities!! If you type in food and food styling it should come up!!
@neostar86 Wow!! You should definitely add this to the food and food styling communities; I know they'd love it!!! The little ghost sandwiches are too adorable!! Do you usually make your food this cute?!