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recipe 1 gal Haagen Dazs vanilla flavor ice cream 1 32 oz jar macapuno 1 jar kaong 1 jar nata de coco 3 bags of frozen sliced young coconut 1 pkg of pandan flavor gulaman and u can also use unflavored gelatin drops of pandan flavoring 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin Cook the gulaman accdg to pkg direction but use half milk and half water for liquid so the jello will have a creamy finish instead of clear one and its more appealing in the ice cream. Add 1 cup of sugar to the liquid. Cool and refrigerate then cut up into squares when its already set and hard. In a big container with lid, empty the soft ice cream into it and add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Lastly, fold the jello into the mixture, cover and freeze. When serving, take it out an hour prior to the occassion so it will be soft and easy to spoon up and not breaking any of the ingredients. Enjoy! Always a hit, I promise:)
@ caricakes , my 30 year old son and my 11 yr old niece can't stop eating this yummy dessert:)
Most of the stuff can be bought at any Asian market even if its not purely Filipino store, I mean here in Vegas anyway. Its funny when you asked what Kaong is Onesmile ... to be honest, I didnt know either how and where it came from and Im an old Filipino, lol! shame on me :) I had to google and youtube it to get educated on the stuff that I've been eating since I was a kid. All I know it is must for any Filipino fruit salad.
@kristenadams My cousins actually make this at family bbqs a lot! So good!
Looks really interesting but I agree, I've never heard of some of these. Where would I find them?
My neighbors make this all the time! You should add it to the Filipino food community too :) Yumyumyum
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