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I've got a few bags of lures and leaders and what not that I don't want to get a special organizer for because I'm always changing how I want to organize things and what I want to bring! I saw this example from a reddit user (jordan460) that uses cardboard to organize his bag. Sure, that might be a pain when it gets wet, but overall if you're not sure how you want to organize, or don't want to spend any money on organizing equipment, this is a good way to keep your lures and plastics in line! What method do you use to keep yours together?
@BrianMcNeeley @mcgraffy You guys are right, this wouldn't really work. I try to travel light like you Brian but I find myself always wanting more than I have with me unless i have my big tackle box so thankfully my yak has room for it. if i'm going particularly far or just for a short trip i'll take less, though.
@BrianMcNeeley That's a smart move!! man ive never lost that much tackle before, you must have been so upset....good move though. much more enjoyable to go out there with a light load
I also keep to spots open so I can put spray foam in them and this keeps it afloat on those occasions when I do flip my kayak in rapids . I remember one time long ago I was walking across railroad tracks and slipped on the early morning dew . In order for me not to take a swim let alone fall into the water which was about 20 feet below I threw the big heavy tackle box so I could grab anything to stop my fall which I did but i still heard a splash and seen my tackle box sink out of site . To this day I NVR cross the tracks and my tackle can fit in my pocket on my life vest or in my dry box they make for kayaker's water tight and worth their price . Cell phone , billfold anything I put in them stays adift .
@BrianMcNeeley Yeah I stick to just things I can repurpose like cans or plastic bins from the house as well; it works much better to keep it organized and doesn't get wet like this cardboard would
Depends on what I'm fishing for . For the most part I use a small plastic storage container or an empty Skoal can . lead heads in the scoal can an plastic in the container . Know this sound unbelievable but I don't take a lot with me when I'm out . Mainly I do a lot of walking and scouting so I keep my tackle light .
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