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Fishing in Europe
I don't know much about fishing in Europe, but its so different than how we are targeting bass and other freshwater fish in the US. I know the fish they're seeing are very different from what we see, but it still surprises me constantly to see the difference in fish handling, technique, etc. I'm really not a fan of how that fish is handled at 1:55, even if it was kept, so hopefully that's not the standard in Europe as well.
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Yeah that handling is really bad @dougjohnson why is that going on? Anyways, the fishing itself in Europe is interesting but I'm not really fond of learning a whole new method.
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I've never really learned much about the differences between the two kinds of fishing, but this looks like a pretty good time
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@mcgraffy @yakwithalan I know they tend to be chummers more than jiggers!
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@happyrock Looks like we're gonna have to do some research if we really want to know haha
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@mcgraffy I'm not sure, I don't know the guys myself
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