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After the great success that was Frozen, Disney is taking a different approach to their animated movies, this time with unlikely superheroes and—fans of frozen will get a giggle out of this one—trolls. Of course I’m referring to Disney’s first animated Marvel inspired movie Big Hero 6 and the stop-motion story of misunderstood monsters, The Boxtrolls. Well as I said Big Hero 6 will be Disney’s first attempt at an animated Marvel movie, taking one of Marvel’s lesser known story lines about a Japanese boy who uses his smarts to defeat villains. The Boxtrolls on the other hand is a heartwarming tale about seeing past someones appearance and appreciating them for their actions and not physical beauty. What’s so ground breaking about these two movies? Well both films are geared for a young audience obviously, but are meant to appeal to adults as well. As Guillermo del Toro points out “The problem is that people think animation is a genre for kids.” It’s entirely possible that Disney’s goal with these two movies is to gradually branch into an adult audience for their animated movies.
@AgentCory an excellent point. It really is a shame but as @onesmile points out I think once the production companies figure out there's a huge market for more "serious" animated movies we'll be seeing a lot more of them being made.
@pixiedust Strangely, as soon as people realize how much they will be able to make money-wise off of doing this, I think they'll start doing a lot more of it!
I'm really excited to see big hero 6, and I actually didn't know it was a marvel story!! :o i think what you're talking about is part of the problem comics and stuff have, people think they're for kids but they have a lot of great stories for all ages and I think you're right that animation can be the same.
@onesmile I think you're absolutely right! The storytelling that you can do with animation is really wonderful and growing up having less and less of it with more mature stories is disheartening so people our age love animated stories when they're aimed at our age group!
I think my generation, those in their 20s now, will be a big part of changing this idea that "cartoons are for kids." Because we all had so much animation--so much ground-breaking animation-- when growing up that we aren't going to get over it, even as adults: and that's what will probably help animation really survive as a genre for all ages.