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I prefer freestyle and dancing, but I'm trying to get into freeride more. For those unfamiliar to all the styles, you have: cruising (just chillin around town) freeride (sliding) downhill (going fast) freestyle (tricks) dancing (boardwalking). Lesser known styles are: LDP (long distance pushing) slalom (going through a set course, like between cones) and commuting (using a longboard as a means of transportation). Take your pick! Which one do you love most?
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Just getting back into it. So just cruising for now!!
I like cruising, freeride, and freestyle. I would like to learn dancing though! I also love walking my dog with my board. It's faster, I have fun, and she gets some exercise.
I do a little bit of everything. slalom, cruising, freestyle, and freeride on my Nickel and I do everything else and then some on my Arbor Prodigy
I usually just cruise and commute.
Downhill and freeriding. getting into freestyle mate