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New data has come out from the Airline Reporting Corporation that changes what we all thought we knew about ticket prices. Originally, Tuesdays were the best days for sales followed by Wednesday, but the Wall Street Journal and Airline Reporting Corp now think differently. The Airline Reporting Corporation handles more than half of the airline tickets purchased in the US, and was able to analyze 18 months worth of sales to come up with a new idea for getting the lowest ticket price. It turns out that Sunday has taken Tuesday's place as the cheapest ticket day. Sunday has the lowest average price of the week overall, with Tuesday remaining the best weekday. The average price of tickets purchased on a Sunday was $65 less than ones purchased on Tuesdays and Wednesday. The troubling change to this trend is how far in advance one needs to book their tickets. In 2012, reports showed that 42 days in advance was the ideal time to get the lowest fare on a plane ticket. This new data now suggests a whopping 57 days in advance. This is due to the tight capacity and competition for seat prices. The average traveler buys tickets a month in advance, but that isn't the best bet for a cheap flight. So, for those of you traveling during the winter holidays, book your flights ASAP and enjoy your trip :) You can check out the video about it here ^^
I usually buy on Tuesdays, but recently I've just been setting price alerts and buying when I think "I"ve never seen it cheaper!" if I track the flights i usually take for a longer time, I know when its low without having to worry about whether it'll go lower or not.
Even though I know there is data, it scares me to buy my tickets so close to my departure date... I usually buy about 6 months in advance!