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It is not even November and I have eliminated nearly half of the colors from my wardrobe. I've packed away my pinks and light blues for the earthy, dark tones of autumn, but why!? I have decided to re-evaluate my winter attire and keep some light summer fun in my life to get through the cold months. Pastels go well with every skin tone and give a complimentary, youthful look to anyone wearing it. Plus, not many people go for these tones so you will be looking fresh and standing out all at once! Here are just a few ideas as to how to bring some of that springtime cheer into your snowy attire. Peacoats - Every girl needs a good peacoat, but why settle for a boring black or tan one? Go wild and try a strikingly sweet pink! It will make you stand out in the sea of dark coats and will probably brighten someone else's day. Plus the possibility for cute scarfs and accessories are endless! Pants - A great sweater is nothing without a cute pair of pants. Grab some pastel floral leggings or some light blue jeans to tie your look together. Accessories - If you aren't ready to commit to a big ticket item such as a coat, go for some pink gloves, and pastel blue hair bow, or a minty green scarf. These little accents will really pop with any outfit! I hope you all have a more colorful season!
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Yes ma'am! I really like the blue-grey vest in the third picture.