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As a girl who loves comics AND the shows and movies based off them I would love to share the comics I like so much with the people who only ever watch the movie or show versions of them. Why? Because in spite of critics constantly saying that superheroes and comic book movies and shows are just a passing fab, these movies and shows have been stealing headlines earning millions of views and they’re only getting more popular! The fact is that for now comic related things are here to stay and people like them, so now seems a pretty good time to get these fans to check out the source material. This article has a really good idea for how to get people who like the Marvel movies or the DC shows or whatever to take a look at the comics. Basically the same way you interconnect the stories between movies and shows (see Captain America: Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) you can do the same thing with comics. Imagine if the stinger that EVERY Marvel movie fans knows is at the end of the credits tied into a connected one-shot or short series of comics?! That would be awesome, but it would also get fans of the movies to go check out the comics books.
@AgentCory Very true~
@timeturnerjones yeah I think there's plenty of people who won't be interested but having tie ins would be fun for the fans and would get even a couple of people interested in checking the source material.
I'm not totally sure I would pick up the comics, but I do think I'd continue to check out all the related stories so I can fully understand the world of these characters