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Working out alone is fun at times, but when you find the right person to hit the gym with you can become a more productive and more active gym-goer. This applies to out-of-gym activity too! Here are some things to look for when finding that perfect workout buddy (hint: your best friend might not be the best bet) Someone who: 1. Doesn't Listen to Your Excuses I am always one to pull the 'I'm too tired' excuse when I just don't want to go to workout. Luckily, I have a good friend who will literally drag me out of the house for our weekly jogs. Find someone who pushes you in an encouraging way and doesn't let you do any less than your best! 2. Is Willing to Compromise There are some days when my 'I'm tired' routine is actually the truth, and jogging is just not on my to-do list for the day. A good workout partner will figure out a way to make it work -- let's go for a walk instead of a jog or let's walk to a coffee shop somewhere and get some tea or my favorite, let's spend an hour or two walking ever aisle of Target and not buy a single thing. 3. Knows When to Let You Go Solo When I am struggling in Pilates and am clearly frustrated with myself, I am not a fun person to talk to. Workout partners should be able to sense when you need to focus on your workout and not chit chat. Also, if you're one to lose focus easily on the treadmill, tell your partner ahead of time before you both fall on your faces! 4. Has a Good Sense of Humor Working out is about having fun while working on your fitness. You need to laugh and enjoy your time at the gym or in the park or else you're just wasting your time. Find someone who can get you in trouble for giggling too much in yoga class, or make you walk an extra mile because you want to hear the end of their crazy story. 5. Is Full of Ideas Going to the gym, doing the same routine day in and day out is not only boring -- it does nothing to improve your actual fitness! My friend is always the first to suggest a new class, a new hiking trail, a new dumbbell move, etc! Inspire each other and get going!!
I have a healthy cooking friend. I need a workout friend now too!
I would have never had the courage to take a kick boxing class without my best friend, great workout bud!
That meme sounds exactly like me and my friends every day, and then we ditch the gym for something else haha
I have to be solo. The most I can do is take a hike with my friends, but when it comes to more serious working out I need to be alone to really get into it.
I have different partners for different things. My close friend is my dearest walking buddy, but I'd never take a yoga class with her (sorry casey!)