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After a young man's funeral in Romania, dozens of women in town are waiting to be tested for HIV. The reason? The young man was HIV+, but still had over 30 different lovers. Uhh....what? It's one thing to be HIV+ and to continue to live an active, happy life, and another to knowingly endanger other peoples live by not practicing safe sex. This local Romeo, Daniel Decu, was almost ratted out: his doctor wanted to reveal to the public about his disease after Decu started a relationship with the doctor's daughter, but the boy's mother threatened to sue if he told anyone. And so, no one knew, and when many of his lovers found out about his disease at his funeral, a large shouting match ensued. Some of the women had found out before the funeral that he had been living with Aids, and at least two of them have so far been confirmed as HIV-positive. In total 40 women have applied to have the test done and are awaiting the results....this guy certainly got around. His family and friends who knew he had the disease are being investigated, because under Romanian criminal law, the transmission of the virus by a person who already knows they have it is punishable by 5 to 15 years in jail. Though there is not specific law saying that a physical partner has to be informed, there is a requirement to practice safe sex. That's quite a law to have, Romania: are there other countries with laws like this? I had no idea!
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@WiviDemol Agreed! That's just so....wrong :(
whoa! what he did was very very bad.