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la jolla cove
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San Diegans! This is one of my favorite areas of SD, but I've never actually gone swimming there! I only see the seals from the beach :)
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@caricakes LA Jolla cove and shores is the best place to snorkel in San Diego you should try it. I love the sharks,fish ,and seals. kayaking is fun too going into the caves is awesome.
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@caricakes The sharks are EXACTLY the reason why I don't go snorkeling hahahaha wasn't there a massive tiger shark over there recently? I want to try kayaking though!
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@caricakes they're harmless the ones that I see. the dangerous one are behind the kelp lining. they usually don't go through it because sharks need to constantly move to pump water in their gills and will get stuck and die in the lining
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@KekoaHaslop that "usually dont" is what im worried about hahahahah
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