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The Denver Broncos took out the San Diego Chargers 35-21 Thursday night as we saw 2 of the NFL's top QBs battle it out with different results. Peyton Manning was his usual sharp self throwing 3 TDs and no INTs. That is now 513 touchdowns and counting for Peyton Manning... All three of his TDs went to WR Emmanuel Sanders who simply could not be stopped Thursday night. Phillip Rivers meanwhile also threw 3 TDs but gave up 2 INTs. Antonio Gates was the recipient of 2 of those TDs while Keenan Allen put on a route running show and scored his first TD of the season. The Broncos were helped out big time when a fumble by the Broncos was challenged by the Chargers. It seemed to clearly be a fumble according to replay, the ref concluded that the elbow was down before the ball came out. We'll have to see what the league says about that. The Broncos now have a comfortable lead in the AFC West at 6-1 and now lead the AFC in record. The Chargers are now at 5-3 and will have to hope that some teams in the future will be able to take out the Broncos. With how Manning is playing now however, that might not happen.