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Autumn Hiking in Yeongju, Korea
While studying abroad in Seoul, I was lucky enough to experience autumn in full swing in Yeongju. Hiking is an immensely popular pastime in Korea, and after spending a weekend in the mountains I can understand why. For a short hike, I suggest visiting the grounds of Buseoksa (부석사) Temple, if possible, before sunset! The temple is situated on top of a hill that overlooks the rest of Yeongju below. Our group had great timing because we were able to watch a drumming performance as the sunset on the temple grounds. Sobaeksan National Park (third photo) is another beautiful place to hike, though this will be an all-day adventure. The shortest hike to the highest point takes about 3 hours. For more info on this park: http://english.knps.or.kr/Knp/Sobaeksan/Intro/Introduction.aspx?MenuNum=1&Submenu=Npp There are plenty of other hiking opportunities in this area, including a rather treacherous trail that was more like a steep staircase (The credit goes to my friend Kayla for the photo!) Good luck on your exploration!
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Whenever I get a new Korean textbook, there's always a reading comprehension story about hiking or different places in Korea where people enjoy hiking. I don't even need to be there to know just how popular it must be!
Wow, you really did go there during the best of the fall color season; awesome! I've been hiking in a lot of places around the world, but this looks like another one I should visit. I think it'd have to be in fall, though, so I think I'll need to wait until next year. Thanks for sharing the info @caricakes
@danidee I had old women passing me on the way up! They are serious hikers hahaha @happyrock If you can time it right it's an amazing sight!
I fell in love with Korea on a summer's day, my least loved season. Fall, my favorite, is bound to make me put a ring on it.