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This will recipe makes 4 servings (or 4 pudding cups) Ingredients: 1 Large Chocolate Instant Pudding Box Halloween Oreos (orange filling) Pumpkin candies (for decoration) Skeleton garland (for decoration) Plastic cups Instructions: 1. Prepare the chocolate instant pudding according to the direction on box. 2. Crush the Halloween oreos. Set them aside. 3. Let each skeleton soak in some hot water and soap before use. Make sure you scrub and make sure it's clean. 4. Place the pudding in clear plastic cups. Put the skeleton on top and garnish with crushed oreos and a pumpkin candy (if desired).
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These are so much better than those gross cups of dirt with gummy worms in them, I love it!
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Def a better version of dirt and worms, the skeletons are really cool looking
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@inthekitchen @AgentCory I actually like crusched chocolate and gummy worms. Especially the sour gummies.
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These are so cute. I might just make them for my sister's Halloween party!
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