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A few summers ago I spent some time in Switzerland with my family. By far my favorite day was our day of hiking, boating, eating, and more eating around Mt. Pilatus. From Zurich we arrived at the base of the mountain early in the morning, and hiked to the cable car station. From there, we took a cable car ride (warning to those scared of heights: it's a long ride!) to the highest point of Mt. Pilatus and took in the view. From the viewing platforms you can see lakes spreading out beneath you and the Alps in the distance above you. Some of the trails even lead you inside of the cliff face! For the less adventurous, or the jet-lagged, there is a great cafe in the cable car station at the top as well as a gift shop (most importantly, a really clean bathroom!) You can take the funicular down from the summit to the other side of the mountain. This railway is the steepest rail track in the world and offers fantastic views of Switzerland! At the bottom you can take a ferry to the beautiful town of Lucerne, which will get a whole card to itself in the future :) For hikers or people just wanting to take in incredible sights, Mt. Pilatus is a must-visit!
This looks like another awesome place to go! @Spudsomma Take me with you next time :) That ice tunnel sounds absolutely amazing!
Switzerland is a wonderful place, I'd love to go back! Although I didn't do much hiking here, I was lucky enough to visit the viewing station. Incredible views :)
great view 😉 Thanks for sharing 😃
One of my favorite places, too! I remember going there in high school and just being amazed at the snow all over the mountains in April. It was 70 degrees, but we were walking through an ice tunnel. I think this was really the place that made me realize how important travel is in opening up your world.
What a view!!