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the love of my life, letter to you the moment we met, I was shy, as you spoke, I turned an looked into your eyes, I fell inlove right at that moment of time, cause I knew faith has arrived. ever since that day, I aint been the same, I used to be lonely an unhappy everyday, I was broken an in so much pain, now im happily inlove an engaged. I love you beauty, with everything in me, with out you I dont know were ill be, I know this is what I want jus you an me. I wouldn't be sure, if you didnt have a ring, every heart beat pumps for you, not a day or sec I dont think of you, I love every moment we have together, rather its on the phone, or out in bad weather, I cherish every hour, an second, cause cant nothing break our leverage! we have a bond that cant be explained, we hard to break, evan though people try an break our chain, try an split us apart an we still hanging on in this distant game, I miss you an I love you insane, I have something to tell you......, I do have a small heart aic, that tought on my mind jus won't go away, the day you moved out of state,I know its only been 4 months, from today, jus want you back, cause this sucks, im ready for that day we be united as us, till then baby im hanging strong, holding my tears, till the day you come, love you beautiful, my letter to you, waiting to see you soon.
i pray you see him soon long distance relationship surely hurts and are a huge challenge hopefully u will see him soon inshaallah and thanks for sharing your poetry :)
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