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Some key statistics heading into Game 3 of the World Series. • In the past eight World Series, 22 games have been played under NL rules. American League teams have won seven of them. (However one must take into account the NL is always the home team in these games so they have home field advantage) • The Giants have hosted three previous World Series at AT&T Park. In those three World Series, the Tigers, Rangers and Angels played a total of seven games under NL rules -- and won one of them. • In the past six World Series, American League teams have scored more than four runs in only three of them. We should see some low scoring games. However if you think the Royals will be a pushover think again. Yost has repeated that the Royals roster is well built to play in a NL style game due to its athleticism and diversity. Some other stats helping them out: • The Royals went 8-2 in interleague games this season. • Yost was a NL manager for six years so he has relevant experience with the double switch. • Butler is an excellent pinch hitter (4-for-6 with a walk, double, homer and a hit-by-pitch. That's a .667 average, .750 on-base percentage and 1.333 slugging percentage this year.) • Over 44 career pinch-hit plate appearances, Butler has a .306/.432/.556 slash line, going 11-for-36 with seven walks, two pinch homers and only eight strikeouts. And this is why the game is played. Let's see who takes the W tomorrow.