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What are the best wheels for cruising/bombing hills so I don't have to worry about slipping out when I don't to? I got the mini monster hawgs right now but it's time for an upgrade; they are starting to be really worn down and coned to death. Any tips/suggestions are welcome
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orangatang is what I skate for downhill. 4present 70mm. good for grip and slides.
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For downhill, I'd have to say the Orangatang Kegel, its a 79mm (i think?) downhill wheel. Pretty sure Ethan Cochard cored a set, that takes some time hahaha
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Awesome, I appreciate it
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rad advantage
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Center set(so you can flip and rotate your wheels easily) square lipped(for grip) medium size core(more roll speed) 63-72mm(less pushing for cruising)
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