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So I found some board that are all carbon or partial wood. Don't know which I prefer. I have a bamboo symmetrical free ride board coming in. Its kind of tan tien shaped to give you a visual. I was just hoping that I could get some feedback on the design. If enough people are interested I'll post a full tutorial on how build one.
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I personally like the design from hi5iber
3 years ago·Reply
hi5ber* when I saw these boards in a weight test video it blew my mind.
3 years ago·Reply
@tristendamon1 Nice work man! Definitely post a tutorial
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah that hi5ber but add is awesome. I'm a fan of the carbon for sure. @CooperBridentha
3 years ago·Reply
I will for sure @mikerosa92
3 years ago·Reply